Character knockback on projectile hit

Hey guys.

I want to have a projectile which adds a knockback on the Character that they hit.I tried “Launch Character” and “Add Impulse” directly in the Character Blueprint, only to notice that they stick to the ground like glue. Only with “Launch Character” the Character gets slightly pushed back a fixed amount and only when I add a insane “Launch Velocity”, but instead when I change the Z Value, the Character gets knocked into the air like it’s nothing.

After the knockback function in the Character Blueprint didn’t work, I thought I could just add a “Radial Force” in the projectile, which also did not work. I tried playing with the Masses of the Bodies, which also didn’t help.

What am I doing wrong? Help me.

Hoping for answers, Tenyoru

Radial Force and add impulse work only when a character is in ragdoll state(simulate physics). Also, launch character will just make your character move without hit motion. That would look unnatural. I think you should use hit animations with root motion. So when the character is hit by a projectile, it plays root motion so that move with hit animation.

did you have velocity change ticked on any of the nodes you tried? i used add impulse in a knockback that i had which ill show below. in my case though i limited how much force could be applied to the character and had the direction of the knockback dependent on the angle of the collision.

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Ah thank you, I didn’t know that. I will try it.