Character keeps snapping to camera direction

Hello, I am very new to Unreal Engine and trying to learn it to create a game that follows the theme and control schemes of old horror games.

I have implemented tank controls by modifying the default third person template with the tank control blueprints I found here, but while the character now adheres to traditional tank controls, after about a second or so it keeps snapping to face the direction the camera is facing. I have tried disconnecting all nodes from the existing default blueprints but the character still snaps.

Any assistance would be appreciated. Screenshots attached for my blueprints and examples of the character snapping issue.

Wait, before I go there, I found what the issue is. It’s here. If I disconnect the node the snapping stops but character rotation is also lost. Any ideas from here?

I t

I think I found it, but can you tell me what this is? Seems like I need it to fix the issue.