Character keeps punching when button is pressed once even with do once

I am trying to get my Character to punch once. He keeps punching and wont stop and I want him to punch one time when I press the button once. Even with the do once node he

stop. I followed the UDK tutorial on youtube step by step and it comes out the same way. I made sure all the naming conventions where correct.I don’t know whats the problem.

I read some of the other threads and tried there methods and none of those work for me. Can some one please help. I will post all of my specs as well as a link to a video of the punches[link text][3]. Thank you

[alt text][5]

…do you actually stop the anim montage somewhere? Because you have set your punching to be looping in your montage and unless you stop the montage somewhere, that loop is going to continue forever.

Im not sure what you mean by stoping the anim montage. Im using the punching end animation like on the udk tutorial video. Do I have to have a animation back idle at the end of my punching montage? I want the punching to loop for as long as the button is pressed. That would be fine but I want him to stop when the button is not being pressed. I did the video step by step for the base blank udk dummy and it worked perfectly. Now I re did the same video steps multiple times for my character and now Im having the same issue. Thank you. I really appreciate the help.

In the example screenshot (the last one) you posted above, you have seem to have set the first three segments to loop (as far as I know, when the color of a segment is light blue, that segment is set to loop. Meaning in your setup, you won’t even get past the first segment since it will just loop back to the beginning). In the other screenshots you provided (even the event graph one where you cannot make anything out) there’s nothing indicating you are actually ordering the montage to skip to the next section or stopping the montage altogether; hence why your character keeps punching (I am going on a limb and assume it only keeps repeating the first punch).

Please show me the tutorial you are using. I am pretty sure you are doing something wrong.

Thanks @cridia. I looked at my punching montage and it is different from the base character. I had a side by side comparison and I saw the difference. The character does both punching in a loop. I am using the youtube unreal engine tutorial series.

Thank you cridia. I looked at the two punching montages side by side and I saw that they where both diffrent. It does both punches then loop. I will try to fix it and see what happens. I was watching the unreal engine youtube tutorial video. Here are close ups of the event graphs. Thank you.

Okay. I corrected the punching loops and thats not the problem. I am watching the Unreal engine youtube tutorial BP 3rd Person Game. Here is a close up of the event graph that i didn’t show last post. The naming conventions are still the same. Thank you.

the punch is looped for as long as the button is pressed and it stops punching when it is let go. Its works fine for the UDK base rigg guy. It dosent stop for my character for some reason, It just loops the punching over and over.

any updates on how you got the character to stop punching?

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