Character jump to given location


I’d like to create a BP function to make my player character “jump” to a given spot. Right now I simply have it teleport there by changing the location values, but I would like it to do an actual jump rather than an instant shift. I don’t care about relative positions really, so the starting position can be above or below the destination. The character needs line of sight to the destination to trigger the jump so I’m not concerned about obstacles in the way. A straight line won’t be terrible for now, and my intention is just a shallow arc, not a high-arcing Super Mario jump.

So any idea how I can do this? My understanding of Matinee is limited but I don’t think it’s what I’m after here, am I wrong? Can I get BP to calculate the arc and move the character along it?

Have you try to apply the jump system (done when you hit spacebar : use a bool to notify to your anim bp to jump instead of walk /run) to your AI character ? ( It will need settings / distance to jump i suppose).