Character jittering when camera gets too close?

2021-11-18 13-43-12.mkv (5.7 MB)
JitteringTest.7z (1.8 MB)
Hey there,
I am developing a jet cut scene with some animation from fbx and I noticed mesh jittering when camera gets too close to the object. I tried manully set World Origin Offset to minimize this issue but, it would required offset every other second in this test scene which will affect particle system or any system required absoulte world position.

Attachment is my test scene. Within the file, you will find a large world and small world map. I map Q key to speed up animation because the jittering usually happens after a while. I also upload a video to demostrate this issue.

The scene setup is pretty straight forward. I have a character with animation blueprint playing montage with animation. I have root motion turn on just to check if that helps. I also tried to create a 1/100 scale scene, the problem still exists. I wonder if this is a limit? or am I doing this all wrong?

System Info:
Unreal 4.27.1
RTX 3090 with Nvidia 496.49