Character is walking up the edge of a sqaure

My character is walking up the top edge. Its really hard to explain so i drew a quick representation and made a video.


The lighest circle is where i stop jumping and its like im standing on the box and when i move to the side it moves me up until im standing on the box.

Heres a video

How tall is the box?
Sounds like your character is “Stepping up” onto it.
If the box is lower than 45UU (The default value for ‘Step Height’ sed by a character pawn) then your character is essentially treating it like a small step or ledge.

Couple of things you can do -
Change character Max Step Height - though this could cause problems if you have stairs and stuff in your level.

Change the mesh collision so that it is taller than the asset, though this could interfere with anything else using collision, like projectiles.

Add a small blocking volume above the asset to block the player from being able to step up onto it, and set it to only block pawns.

I’m having a similar issue where my character is stepping up onto objects that are taller than the Max Step Height. I tried lowering the value but it does nothing. I can’t change the collision of the mesh as I need it to be accurate. Anyone know why lowering the Max Step Height value isn’t working?

If you are using capsule collider, its bottom is rounded, which leads to the effect you described. You don’t fall off the box, when you are close to the edge, but your character goes a little lower.

You could try changing to a box collider to prevent this.