Character is sometimes ,,ice skating" during walk

I am still learning how to work with sequencer…

I am facing few bugs, but I dont know how to solve problem with walking of characters…

Look on this video at 0:17
Player is walking really weird, it looks like he is ice-skating …

Did u faced similar problem? How to solve this?

I am using simple walk animation and working with transform. I changed duration of this walk and it didnt helped.

Hey there,

On an animation level, the ice skating effect happens when too many steps are being taken for the amount of distance travelled. Not sure how you have set it up, but you will probably want to adjust the speed of the walk cycle animation (in this case slowing it down and probably changing the out point to reduce the number of steps taken). There’s a pretty good tutorial from Unreal in the content library which goes into some of this. Worth a look –

Your First Hour in Sequencer