Character is not able to move forward as it's movement is getting restricted

I am developing an FPS shooter game. Everything was working perfectly for past few days but now suddenly the forward movement of character is not working properly. Left Right and Backward movement are working fine but only the forward movement is being restricted.
Please help me, I’ve been working on this project for a while and now this issue will ruin everything. Please help.

Hi. You’re not giving much information. How can we help if we have little to no information of what you are doing and what is happening exactly?
Please provide more info.

I was following this tutorial series as reference ( Everything was working good.
And the most important thing is I’m using Third Person Template in which movement of player is already defined. Suddenly, the movement of character is acting abnormally.
To be more specific, when I try to move forward, the character moves in such a way that it is being collided with something but when I crouch and move forward, then everything works fine.
And same thing is happening with the AI Character as well. AI character movement also freezes when it tries to move forward.
I don’t have any ideas how and from where this issue came. I checked all the blueprints and everything is fine.

Try activating the display of collision boxes when you run the game. Maybe there’s some hidden collision box blocking the way?
Type “show collision” in the command textbox.

I tried “show collision” but there is no collision boxes which are blocking the way.

And one more thing which I noticed today, I created another Blueprint Character and it was running smoothly.
Then I compared each and every value of the new character and existing character and everything was same.