Character is missing on Mobile Device

I have a problem, where I cant find a solution for.
Yesterday i discovered there is an Application in Adobe CC which is called Fuse.
I created a Character, sent it to Mixamo and downloaded Mesh and Animations.
In the Editor everything is ok, but when I launch the game on my Android Device ( Galaxy S8+) the character does not show up. Movement and all are working but the Mesh is just not showing up.

A few Days ago I tried it with a Premade Mixamo Character (AJ) and it worked fine.

My Character has around 18k polys and 25 bones.
I have read the maximum vertices for mobile games are 65k and 75bones.
This should not be the problem… and I couldnt find a way to create a low poly character with fuse.

When I import the skeletal Mesh, this warnings come up but i cant do anything with this warnings.

I hope someone can help me.

You can also remove all bones that are a child of more important bone. as an example This lady had many hair bones I will not need in mobile or HTML5
Right Click on parent bone, remove all children, can do it for different LODs and set mobile to use that LOD by default