Character is going through the SM_couch

The starter content as a SM_couch inside it. When i place it in the level, my character is always able to go through it for some reason but this is not the case with some of the other props. How do i prevent the character from being able to walk through the couch?

That didn’t do anything. I also seem to have all the same settings as the chair which I am not able to walk through. What could i be doing wrong

The mesh has no collision. Double click the mesh, add collisions and save it.

It’s the same as the chair settings

What have you done?

Check this on how to set the collisions on static meshes:

I don’t if it’s still relevant, but i had the same issue. Just pick up any of these options from “Create Blocking Volume” (see attached picture).
It will fix :wink:

if you change anything in the static mesh editor (Material) you need to remember to set collision again or it will be gone you can look but don’t touch… lol… its not visible by default but it is there unless you edit then its gone (as its not visible you can’t see it go away) just open collision set basic and then save and it will be back