Character is dragged back after completing animation

I want to have my character be able to vault over small walls and ledges, I’ve managed to programme it so he does so successfully but when he does, he warps back to his intial position. I have enabled root motion and when I enable view root motion in the viewer, the animation works as it should there, just not in the game. Any ideas.

Hi mate, so maybe ur animation is moveable and it should be stand. What i mean is ur animation must be static, the movement to pass above the wall should be programmed and the animation to give the impression he is really vaulting the walls. Can u post the animation and the animation jumping?

So I’ve just went into unreal and the animation works now, but I have a new problem. I can only vault over one side of the wall, I’ve created a new project and redone the blueprints and that, and it worked perfectly (minus a few tweak I need to make to stop part of him clipping through the wall.) I copied and pasted evrything back into the original project, but there was no change, I still have issues. Do you have any idea what it could be? The Forum’s not letting me upload a small video of animation and problem, would images be oaky?

Post some images or a gif, what do you mean can vault over one side? Copying projects back and forth is a waste of time. Get to a base level, back it up (ideally with SCM) then figure out what’s causing the problem.