Character Interaction bugs and warnings

Hey guys I’m curious if anyone is using the Character Interaction from the market place? Even right out of the box I get many errors and warnings that I cant seem to get to go away and the creator says he will not respond to any questions about the product so I think maybe I just lost 150.00 bucks. If anyone has had any luck with this product it would be cool to hear your experience with it thanks. Here is a screen shot of some of the warnings i get. It’s mostly only the yellow warnings I’m worried about.

I added more images and a video.

Thanks in advance


I don’t have any experience with this specific product and I do not know how it works if you can get you money back but most of the warnings you got seem to come from trying to access an index from an array which has nothing in it so it might not be too hard to fix :slight_smile:
You might be able to do something similar to what the picture show!

Ok thank you I’ll give it a shot

added more screen shots trying to narrow down where to make the changes.