Character input stops working in multiplayer when I double the amount of replicating physics objects

I have 110 physics objects (spheres) with replicate movement turned on in a level with 2 player starts. I hit play in the editor and launch 2 clients and 1 dedicated server. With 110 objects my characters are able to move and collide with the physics objects and the physics objects react somewhat to collisions and move around (not very well, they teleport around a bit). When I double the amount of physics objects (duplicating the 110 spheres to get 110 more) my characters no longer respond to any input I give them. Is it possible I’m bumping up against some replication limit on actors or physics objects? Is there a way to adjust this limit?

Here’s my project that I’m messing around with.

Edit: since posting staff on UDN helped me by submitting this issue: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-71334).

I added the following lines to my DefaultEngine.ini file and it fixed my problem (note that these amounts are exorbitantly high):