character hovering.

Hello everyone,

I’m new to unreal engine 4 and blender so i’m still learning (boy do i have alot to go), also not sure if this was answered and i couldn’t find it. Thanks for the responses or links to the answer, if i should just ditch the project and restart, just say so it’s all a learning expiernce (even while crying). That being said i created my first 3-d plane model. Nothing major at all, simply just a flat plane with a “valcano” type of thing I made out of another plane, I merged them together in blender and also refaced it (F key) so it was smooth along the edges and one solid floor. Everything imported right, so i thought.

The problems i’m having now:

  1. the third person and first person view both hover over my plane, exported with .fbx. NOTE: I read alot of people saying it could be collision, the character skeleton, and the scene mesh (i think)…
    But all of those refer to people who created so called character, when im using the default ue4 3rd person.

  2. When i get close to my valcano, 2 things happen. I either A. run up it with about 3 inches in between my feet and the ground, increases as i go up or B. when i get close I fall through the floor. NOTE: I tried moving the floor up a little, but that just causes my person to fall through right away.

Have a great day!

Are you talking about the 3rd person template?

yes i am, i also messed with the collision of the plane but yet i’m still hovering. sorry not sure on terms, so i’ll just put a picture, i just deleted the old floor and imported my plane/0’d out/simple collision fix- objects sit on floor but person doesn’t, i can even walk on the default objects but go right to that height when i walk off.

If you didn’t touch anything from the character, then it’s clear that the problem lies with your plane.

How did you setup the collision mesh of your plane?
Can you take a screenshoot of the plane, inside the static mesh editor, with the collision mesh showing?

One more question: with your plane as the floor, can you go up and down the stairs normally?

Turns out im dumb and made a invisible plane above it in blender and merged it before unreal, my bad thanks for the help though, made me realize where i messed up at.