character help

I like to know, how to have two item falling, and one hurts you and the other add points. I am having trouble. Were my character wont change flipbook when hit. My character is not in the game, its
spawn on the player start icon replacing it with my character. So you can see I cant add a Event to my character blueprint. As well my collision with the two items. please help me or send me to a
place were I can get the help I needed. Thanks.



The first one is my item blueprint. And my second one is my character blueprint.

Thanks again.

Have a look at this page: Events

Overlap and hit events work differently. For hit events

So you would have to make sure your item sprite and character flipbook has this set to true in their settings (in their blueprints).

If you used an overlap event you could cast it to your item blueprint to ensure it was only that item which changes the flipbook rather than anything that collides with it.

Thanks for that info it fix my collision problem. But I still cant get the item to change my character flipbook to show he got hit.
And the other item to show he got points. Thanks for the help with the collision problem. (0v0)