Character Height is wrong


I have recently been learning diligently in Unreal Engine 4 using the official documentation and also Udemy classes. I have received help from people on this forum in the past and thought i should post this problem i have, as the issue had caused me to tear (what little) hair i have out, and also restart my project from scratch (sad face).

The issue i have is this, I have a FirstPersonCharacter in a FirstPersonGameMode world. I cannot work out how to raise the height of my character in version 4.23. My character started off at normal height when the project began, but is now on the floor when playing a level. Over the last 5 days, i have;

  • List item Played with the CharacterBP to increase scale of character
  • List item Learnt how to change the CapsuleComponent size (Collisions)
  • List item Learnt how to attach components to other components
  • List item Learnt how to attach the FollowCamera to a parent socket (head, neck etc.)
  • List item Learnt what a CameraBoom is and how to adjust the height to where i want the in-game camera position to be.
  • List item Deleted entire Character BP’s and even set all settings back to default in some cases just to get some sanity back.

I have also had a play with “Base Eye Height” which did nothing, so i set it back to default. I’ve started to get alot of tunnel vision over this as it was something i wanted to get right, before moving on to my 2nd level. I just can’t work out what i did or where i went wrong prior.

Last thing worth mentioning, that brand new project i created, it is able to produce normal character height, camera height etc. I just really would like to try and reclaim my first project…so many hours put into it!

If you can help in anyway i would be forever grateful.

Thank You.

What exactly is on the floor?
Check the capsule to be visible in game and if you unpossess the character, what exactly do you see?
Does the capsule goes through the floor? Are the arms meshes on the floor? …

The camera itself is on the on the floor in terms of height. I may be wording this all wrong to the community however, as i am starting to see that camera height and character height are not tied to each other by default.

If i change the character to a ThirdPersonCharacter, i get the same low down camera, but the character mesh is normal size.

Hope that helps?

Ah, so it’s perhaps not just me then.

Can you point to any documentation where i can learn about spawning a fresh character when the level starts please?

OMG! You never guess what i just found in my Level Blueprint!!!

A node called “Set View Target With Blend”!

Deleted that and everything is back to normal FINALLY! I’m mega happy, if it was not for your event graph flow, i would not have even thought to check there. Thank you so much ClockWorkOcean!!!

I will keep your flow as a back up if i want to implement it at a later date.

I’d say the main way to inrease apparent height is to just move the camera component up in the character BP.

But… I have seen this problem myself, where the FP becomes about mouse height.

Best fix I found is to spawn a fresh character when the level starts and forget about the one placed in the world :slight_smile:

Nothing to it, in the level BP you could say:

PS, if you do this, stop the default mini pawn spawning by setting your default pawn class to none in your game mode:

It doesn't really matter while you're fiddling about, but in the end you might end up bumping into the other pawn and wondering what it is!... ( you can't see it... )