Character gets stuck


My character is getting stuck when I move some distance south of the start/origin. It is as though it’s hitting a wall, but as far as I can tell, there’s nothing there, and turning collision off does not help. The only way to get out of it is to quit the game.

Does anyone know of anything besides collision that would cause a player’s character to get stuck?

-Donald Newlands
UE 4.27.1

Have you looked at the scene in player collision mode?


Thanks but nothing shows up in player collision or any of the collision visualization modes where I get stuck.
If it was a collision issue, wouldn’t turning collision off free my player?
Are there any other possible limits to how far a player can move? The place where this is happening is miles from the origin…

Ah. Very possibly to do with that.

All sorts of floating point errors creep in when you get a long way from the origin. Better to recalculate the origin.

Also, is it possible you’re below the kill Z?

Doesn’t seem likely.

Eject from the player, grab the player blueprint and drag it along. Then check if movement is restored or not.

Very possible given the description actually.
If this is what’s happening, then the player BP won’t be there, just a spectator camera.

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Thanks for the help! It turns out that we just needed to disable “Enable World Bounds Checks” in the World settings.