Character gets deformed after adding an animation

I’m new to Unreal Engine and I wanted to add a character animation to my character but after adding it the character got totally deformed.
The character was created with Adobe Fuse CC and exported to Mixamo. After that I renamed the bones via Cinema 4D for example from mixamorig_Head_Top_End to swat_Head_Top_End, because all of my animations had this names. After that I importet the character to Unreal Engine and all worked fine. I rotated some of the bones to see of the character is working and all looked good (I undoed the rotation of course after that).
Then I wanted to import an idle animation (I tried other animations too) and the character got deformed (picture below). The animation worked in Cinema 4D fine and looked ok (picture below). Even the place of the bones in UE4 in the destroyed character model looked ok, but somehow the mesh isn’t fallowing exactly the bones (picture below).

If anyone could help me with this I would be really happy, I tried to fix it alone but obviously failed.
Sorry for eventually bad english (English is not my native language).

kind regards

-Unreal Engine 4.20
-windows 10