Character Follow mouse movement

I am playing around with a top down shooter game, and I am curious as to how to make the character rotate towards the mouse? Would be nice if when the player does go into the aim mode the camera would offset allowing you to see more in the direction you are aiming. Right now the character just snaps to the mouse and follows it while I aim.

This is what I have so far,

My blind shot:
Get actor location and click point location.
There is node something like “vector unit direction” (i cant remember name) which return you vector from->to. Multiply this vector by 500 or how much you need and add this location to your camera…

Would be able to get a screen shot of your blueprint so I can see how it works.

Have you tried the RInterpTo node?

You just need a bit of math to figure out the end rotation value of you chacter but it should work. Just remember that this needs to be computed frame by frame.