Character floating out of a Ledge problem

Does anyone knows how can I avoid this? As you can see on the screenshot, the character is completely out of the ledge, but it does not fall. It needs to go a little more to fall.
Is there a variable that I can change to fix this?

That’s got to be the [Root] CapsuleComponent… try and adjust the radius and see if the character will fall…from there though you’re characters arms and such (not inside the component) might clip into the BSP…I’ve no idea currently how to get around that without adding more freakin capsules…

found this just now… - Character Collision Overhang - UE4 AnswerHub
suck to use traces so much but it may be the best way to solve it…

awesome work on the ledges stuff you’ve been working on by the way…

Thanks. I will look into your tips.

Yes!!! Setting the PerchRadiusThreshold to 40 is the key. Now my character does not have that problem anymore.
Thanks for point me that link.