Character flies around when spawning with certain objects

Hi there,

I am having issues spawning a character with a blueprint (this case a fire extinguisher) upon begin play and he begins to fly around. I then tried to replace the static mesh of the BP with the default cube that Unreal provides and it gives me the same issue, so I think it is an issue relating to spawning an object in the characters hand while trying to attach the component with “Snap to Target”

This is the BP that I set up:

Anyway to fix this?

I tried in both UE5 and UE4 to no avail


Is physics enabled on the asset?

On the Blueprint itself or on the Material of the said Asset?

On the thing you’re trying to attach.

Hi Clockwork Ocean,

These are the physics setting on my BP Object’s static mesh if thats what you mean?

Let me know if you require extra information and thanks for your quick replies.

A full Window View.

I think if you want to attach it, you need to turn physics off while you’re holding it. Then re-enable when you drop or throw it.

Thank you!

Also I think its cos I used a static mesh than an animated / skeletal mesh ? I used skeletal mesh instead and it fixed the problem i had for 2 days… haha :sweat_smile:

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