Character Firing Animation

Hello everyone, I have been trying these past couple days to get my fire animation working but I have had no success. This is what the current setup is

This is my Eventgraph, AnimGraph and the animation I am using All my work!

I am trying to follow this Unreal Tutorial and I’ve followed it to a T, but still nothing

If someone can be of help I would be very grateful!

Well what I see right now is your blend in time is .25 and your blend out time is .25 on a clip that is 1.25 seconds long so it’s only going to play half the clip.

Set both to zero and I bet it will work for you then as long as the character does twitch.

Tried but still no cigar, the player is not even twitching.

Looks like you have it right. One thing to check is to make sure your firing animation is additive. You want it to be additive on top of your base animation pose really. You might have to specify the starting pose for the additive animation so it knows how much to add (i.e. which is the starting point).

Don’t you want aiming up/down too? In that case you’d need a blend space as well as the additive firing.

Also, you probably want a way of starting/stopping the firing animation being blended.

Nope no need to aim or anything it’s a top down shooter so im just rotating the player, as for the additive animation this is what I have and it’s still not working :frowning:

Could it be because im using the Prototype character pack? I don’t see it being an issue but maybe?