Character Falling Speed

Hi friend,
anyone know to increase the falling speed ? Please help me

Increase gravity scale in the character movement component. Note however, that this has implications on other things such as the jump.

i change the gravity scale the falling speed is same and if i increase the gravity scale too much my character can’t jump

I too am looking into this, unfortunately it seems that gravity scale on the base character is the force of gravity placed on the character not world based gravity rules that the character must abide. For example… Think of Goku training in the “Gravity Machine”.

What about changing the character’s weight?
Maybe they fumbled basic physics implementation on the model.

Technically you would need to change the World gravity scale to get a different falling speed then the default.

The default should be physically accurate at 9.8m/s or whatever it’s supposed to be IF the gravity of the world is that of earth.

which leads to a better question. why would you want to change the falling speed in the first place if you aren’t changing the world’s constants that govern the speed in the first place?