Character falling of moving platforms

Since upgrading to 4.11 my character keeps falling off an actor thats moved by physics. Also calling SetBase() didn’t change the behavior.
Attaching the character to the platform solves the problem but I highly doubt that’s the intended behavior.

If I understand the system correctly, it doesn’t technically “move” as it just sets itself forward by small increments, so by setting it, you would also have to set the players position by the same value that the platform is “moving” (Because you are theoretically teleporting the platform). However if you fixed it, then I don’t see an issue here.

I apologize if this information is wrong, there’s a good chance that I am wrong, but that’s what I first thought of when reading this so I figured I would give my thoughts, let me know if it was what you were looking for! :slight_smile:

It was working before and I checked the base the MovementBase is still set and updated in the CharacterMovementComponent but it is not applied to the character any more

Hey MatzeOGH-

Can you explain how you’re moving your platform? Using SetPhysicsLinearVelocity on the platform moved the platform and the character together in my test. Can you let me know if you are able to use this as well?

I move the platform via setPhysicsLinearVelocity in its MovementComponent. and also call UpdateComponentVelocity at the end of the tick to set the updated velocity of the root component. I even set the movement base in the character manually. Didn’t change a thing.

Ok I fixed it. I set the TickGroup in the CDO of the platformMovementComponent from TG_PrePhysics to TG_PostPhysics
But the pawn is still not rotation with the platform bIgnoreBaseRotation is set to false

Can you maybe share a blueprint of the solution? I have the same issue with the new chaos vehicles, it just ignores basic physics and I could not find any solution for it