Character falling in Blueprint viewport

After upgrading from 4.8 to 4.9, I’ve noticed my Character appears to be falling in the Blueprint viewport (see the screenshot.) Before the engine update he was using the idle animation where he stands, but now he starts to fall when the viewport tab is opened.

The Character Blueprint is based off a C++ class, whose parent class is ACharacter. The base C++ class’s constructor looks like this:

	// Set size for collision capsule
	GetCapsuleComponent()->InitCapsuleSize(50.0f, 100.0f);
	GetMesh()->SetWorldLocationAndRotation(FVector(0.0f, 0.0f, -100.0f), FRotator(0.0f, 270.0f, 0.0f));

	// set our turn rates for input
	BaseTurnRate = 45.f;
	BaseLookUpRate = 45.f;

	// Don't rotate when the controller rotates. Let that just affect the camera.
	bUseControllerRotationPitch = false;
	bUseControllerRotationYaw = false;
	bUseControllerRotationRoll = false;

	// Configure character movement
	GetCharacterMovement()->bOrientRotationToMovement = false; // Character moves in the direction of input...	
	GetCharacterMovement()->bUseControllerDesiredRotation = true;
	GetCharacterMovement()->RotationRate = FRotator(0.0f, 540.0f, 0.0f); // this rotation rate
	GetCharacterMovement()->JumpZVelocity = 600.f;
	GetCharacterMovement()->AirControl = 0.2f;

	// Create a camera boom (pulls in towards the player if there is a collision)
	CameraBoom = CreateDefaultSubobject<USpringArmComponent>(TEXT("CameraBoom"));
	CameraBoom->TargetArmLength = 300.0f; // The camera follows at this distance behind the character	
	CameraBoom->bUsePawnControlRotation = true; // Rotate the arm based on the controller

	// Create a follow camera
	FollowCamera = CreateDefaultSubobject<UCameraComponent>(TEXT("FollowCamera"));
	FollowCamera->AttachTo(CameraBoom, USpringArmComponent::SocketName); // Attach the camera to the end of the boom and let the boom adjust to match the controller orientation
	FollowCamera->bUsePawnControlRotation = false; // Camera does not rotate relative to arm

	// Note: The skeletal mesh and anim blueprint references on the Mesh component (inherited from Character) 
	// are set in the derived blueprint asset named MyCharacter (to avoid direct content references in C++)

	AutoPossessAI = EAutoPossessAI::PlacedInWorldOrSpawned;

Okay, I did some more testing now. I disabled “Auto Possess AI” in the Blueprint (in other words, invalidated the last line of code in the constructor), reopened the window, and now he’s standing there like he used to. I tried each of the options for that property, and it seems like it only happens when it’s set to “Spawned” or “Placed in World or Spawned”.

I suppose because I’m possessing him with an AI Controller on spawn, he thinks he’s supposed to be falling in the Blueprint editor too. I’m not sure if this is intended or wise - at least to me it’s pretty annoying, but if anyone has a good explanation for it, I’m all ears.

However, I went back to the old commit, the one before the upgrade from 4.8.3 to 4.9, and the same behaviour could be seen there, so I was mistaken in thinking it was because of the upgrade.

Hey ThomasKasene-

I was able to reproduce the falling animation simply by setting the Auto Possess AI inside a blueprint and have reported the bug (UE-20732) for further investigation.


Doug Wilson

I found this post because I have this in 4.13.2

Hey Kaffeetrinker-

You can work around the falling animation by changing the setting for Auto Possess AI from “Spawned” or “Placed in World or Spawned”. This issue is still open in our system and you can track the report’s status here: Unreal Engine Issues and Bug Tracker (UE-20732) .

Thanks for the info, I just wanted to comment here, because in the bugtracker, it only listed the older version, so I thought I should mention this with 4.13 in case someone searches for that version. I’ve now created a base blueprint with no AI and a child blueprint with AI. So it does not bother me that much.

Changing the Auto Possess AI setting to Disabled and then closing the blueprint and re-opening didn’t affect anything for me. The character is still constantly falling in the editor which makes it a lot more difficult to work with.

I had this problem in 4.24. The suggestion from others in this thread to change Auto Possess AI didn’t do anything.

What finally solved it for me was setting Character Movement Component → Run Physics with no Controller to False. Then close and reopen the Blueprint and the Character will stop falling in the viewport.

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Thank you so much!
This fixed the issue… just had to close the character BP and reload.

I was able to reproduce the falling animation simply by setting the mcdvoice Auto Possess AI inside a blueprint and have reported the bug (UE-20732) for further investigation.