Character Executes Airborne Attack when on the ground?

There seems to be a bug in my game in which my character will be in a ‘falling state’ even though he is on the ground, which then causes the next attack to be an aerial attack instead of a grounded attack. I usually get this bug when I spam my roll. I made sure to override Z to prevent any upwards movement. Any solutions? By spamming rolling I don’t get this issue. It usually comes only if I spam roll AND spam attack.

Hello! By ‘falling state’ do you mean Movement Component state? Also is it the one from engine or some overriden thing?

By falling state I mean that ‘Is Falling’ (linked to character component) is being applied, which allows the roll to transition into an aerial attack, even though the roll animation occurs on the ground. I used print string to see if ‘Is Falling’ is being activated when I do the aerial attack on the ground and it is.

Do you have root motion in your anim clips? Also maybe some logic on Z coor or Z Velocity play a part in this?

Yes, I have set the root motion for all my animations. I also made sure that my launch character forward doesn’t have a Z velocity. The more I test it out, the more I realize that it has something to do with pressing the keys very fast. I can only do the aerial attack if the combination is done very fast. It doesn’t even have to be a dash. Just a directional key and an attack. A roll by itself won’t trigger it, not will an attack.

EDIT: Was able to fix it by substituting ‘IsFalling’ node to check whether I was in air for an attack for a boolean (In Air?) that checks whether I am in air, with the boolean resetting on landed. Thanks for the help though.