[Character] Elven Chic - A Studio Sixsquare Production

Hi there everyone its been a long while since ive posted you might remember my last project for Studio Sixsquare The Photographer. But I wanted to share some of my newest work for studio Sixsquare, Elven Chic. Shes a simple character the premise for her was to go for a fashionable character, while also creating a realistic elven character. This character is also special as shes the first character Ive made that takes advantage of all the new rendering techniques for characters since 4.11 like skin, hair, cloth, and the eyes of course.

Here are just a few wip shots from over the projects development. I hope you guys like it and any advice you have is always welcome. :slight_smile:

Here are some more wip shots this time of the finished high poly face, before I started on the low poly process. Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

Alright guys here are some more this time from in engine itself. I know that this is what you’ve all been waiting for. All the shaders are done and the model is using all the new character rendering features. Took me a little time to get the hang of it but I was able to reverse engineer it and get it all to work. Hope you guys like the work, its all just raw screens taken from the engine so its not uber fancy right now.

Here are just a few other shots from the engine. Just the raw wip pictures of the character. Hope you like :slight_smile:

Ok guys last post for now, just some promotional stuff I wanted to post for you all hope you like what you’ve been seeing shes almost done. :slight_smile:

Very nice work :slight_smile:

Any tips and hints about working with skin and hair and cloth in UE4?

Hi ioFlow studios!

For the skin I would suggest just playing around with the SSS profile until you get a nice desired result, I also noticed that your roughness map and spec map go a long way in selling the believable of skin. I ended up using a cavity map and found that gave me really nice roughness for my character. Also detail in the face goes miles in selling a characters face. Texturing XYZ is awesome for getting that nice high frequency detail in a character.

For the hair I basically just reverse engineered the content example, its a pretty easy shader once you dismantle it and build it again and the input maps are pretty simple to make. The first time I used it the shader came out just like I was hoping.

For cloth again its a pretty simple shader to use. The content example provided everything I needed. I also used Quixel suite for the texturing which made making the clothing and leather of my character nice fast and easy.

This is really nice, detailed work. Could you share with us some of the tools and techniques you used to build this model? It would be very helpful to someone such as myself who is learning. Thank you