Character dropping weapon on dying

Hi everyone,
I’m working on a FPS and I try to do the character drop his atached weapon on dying.
When the character is hitted by a projectile and die, I apply a impulse using Launch Character blueprint node.
In that moment, I want the character drop the weapon (and the weapon falls realistic with the impulse)
Somebody can help me with this in blueprints?

My first problem: when I detach the weapon from character, the weapon stays frozen and not fall to floor

Thanks in advance


Once you detach the weapon try setting the weapon to simulate physics and give it a mass equal to the aroximate real world mass of what the weapon would be

This ^^

And then add physics material with bounciness over 1. You will get true murderous weapon. :smiley:

It would be easier to spawn a fresh weapon upon death.
You can set the transform of the new spawned weapon in the same place as the old one and delete the old one.

Hey! Thanks Enigmaa, Nawrot and KinDaKreator… I took your advices and figured out…