Character door open animation

I think i´m know what you want. Maybe it help:

Unreal Engine 4 Tutorial - Open Close Door with Triggers and Matinee

UE4 Questions Answered: Rotating A Door Using Timeline

A Very Simple Artificial Intelligence Blueprint - Unreal Engine 4

It´s a start.

Hi, i am learning unreal for a time and a 2 weeks ago i have started with animations, i’m trying to make a scene like “the last of us” intro, when you walking with sarah’s through the house and reach a trigger box close to office’s door and a animation starts, player loses control of the character, sarah automatically walk to the door and open, then joel enter the office and animation continues.
So, i’m trying to make this part, when i reach a trigger box, loses control of the character, stand in front of the door, play the animation, then recover control of the character. I have the character animation but i don’t know how to put in the scene and make the blueprint. I’ve watched many vids of animation and trigger animations but none is what i’m searching. I really need that to end my school project. Sorry for my bad english :slight_smile:

I can split your question to two parts.

Part 1 - How can I trigger a cinematic in UE4?

This is simple, you can create a blueprint with a collision volume, on overlap it will trigger the cinematic sequence.
If the cinematic sequence does does not disable the player input by default, you can call the “Disable Player input” function, and Enable it back once the cinematic ends.

Part2 - How can I create a cinematic sequence?

This is a broad topic on it’s own, dnw Epic Games got you covered, check out this free and awesome tutorial on how to create a cinematic sequence in their brand new tool-set Sequencer.

Good luck with your school project!

Matinee is the old way to create cinematic in UE4.
Sequencer is new, and is much more powerful.
While Sequencer does have good tutorials, matinee has been for a long time now, and probably have more tutorials.

So, i need to create a cinematic sequence, but how do i put my character in right place? If i am walking forward and door is in my right, how i put my character in front of the door? Here’s an example of my map

You can use set actor location and set actor rotation in blueprint. Either way you might want to learn sequencer first as you might be able to implement this as a cinematic

i am using matinee because of the 4.10 ver, i know how to animate a mesh inside the game but not my playable character, i definitely don’t know how to create the blueprint or cast the animation to my character. Every tutorial that i find show how to animate a character putting the static mesh in the scene and create a matinee but i want to create something like this part 6:27~6:30 > I ALMOST CRY! - The Last of Us Remastered - Part 1 - YouTube

There are a lot of concepts that you need to understand in order to do this, and it is hard for me to explain them all.

If you have time, I would highly recommend that you watch this tutorial on blueprint:

And definitely this one:

And also watch this tutorial that will explain how the 3rd person character functions in UE4 which you need to understand:

You don’t have to follow along, just watch them, it will take you a week to watch them all, but you will understand a lot on how to create what you want.

Once you have the know how, all you have to do is disable the player input, and then take control of the character by providing your own input, then give the player back the control.