Character Doesn't Un Crouch

So a few weeks ago I followed a person’s guide to making a smooth crouching blueprint script, it works (the character crouches) but when I want the character to get out of a crouching status nothing happens, and I can still shoot, sprint and jump while crouching (which I don’t want).

I used to have a crouching system which worked very well except it was toggled (the transition wasn’t smooth), anyone knows how I can fix this problem?

Here’s the current smooth crouching script I have:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Not to state the obvious but you have ticked can crouch haven’t you?

In which part of the images?

In the movement capabilties panel on the right. Scroll down a bit.

Yeah it’s ticked on.

Is there not an easier way of doing a crouch? Heres mine.

I had one similar to yours but it was a toggle, the transition wasn’t smooth, how’s yours like?

My animation is smooth, just changed some of the settings to slow it down.

So I made yours, but the character doesn’t crouch, he just slows down and if I press CTRL (my crouching key) he stops completely.

Also where did you get “Walk Speed”?

Walk speed and crouch speed are just a variable floats I set up. I have a sprint one also. The can I jump is set to no if you’re crouched.

Also you need to add the is crouching to your Thirdperson_AnimBP.

So if speed is less than .1 and crouching then the transition can happen to crouching.

And if speed is less than .1 and not crouching then the transition can happen to stand.

Here you go, hopefully this explains it easier.

Your attachment is invalid by the way.

I’m also using the FPS settings but I guess it works the same, my settings on Max Walk Speed is 600, should the Walk Speed be lower than that or the same?

Try again

Yeah set the walk speed to maybe 200 or so, so obviously its slower that the sprint speed.

Sorry, max walk speed will be the sprint speed.

Here’s how things currently are:

I can’t find the “Result: Can Enter Transition” node, the character does slow down when I push CTRL but it doesn’t crouch, and I can still sprint.

Once the correct rules have been setup the crouch etc. will work.

Could it be because I’m using the FPS blueprint? As in I don’t have an animation for the character to crouch, normally it’s just the camera that does that.

Yeah it maybe, I think for the FPSBP I would just use the crouch and uncrouch rather than the way i’ve done it above…

Sorry about that.

Could you not just check youtube for crouch tutorials and implement them into your BP?