Character doesn't rotate according to the direction he moved.


The problem is that my character doesn’t rotate to the direction he moved, example:

My character is looking to the RIGHT side at the start (Not Moving) and when he moves to the LEFT side, he will rotates himself to the LEFT side BUT when he stop moving, he will rotate again to the RIGHT side. And vice versa, if my character start looking at the LEFT side, it will rotate to the LEFT side again when he stop moving to the RIGHT side.

This is the blueprint for movement input and i think the problem is inside there. (I’m using a widget to control the movement, but i still have the default controls for computer that’s why i could rotate to the left to test the rotation to the right side).

It’s working perfectly when it’s moving (Left and Right), but when it stop moving, the character will rotates to where he was looking. And it’s working perfectly with the default control for computer, even if it stop moving, it will looks to where he was moving (I mean, no problem).

Any idea, please? Thanks for the answer.