Character doesn't fall


i have an enemy character with some animations including a jump attack via root motion. Every animation works fine (except from one root motion backflip jump animation, but offtopic). When the character jumps, the capsule moves with the mesh, because of the root motion. Therefore while he’s in air, i can walk under him, so he lands on me. That also works!

The problem is, when I walk away after he has landet on me, he still stays there in air and floats. He cannot move and doesn’t fall down :frowning: I applied an ai controller, also activated physics in capsule component (not in mesh component, because then it will do ragdoll stuff…), but nothing changes. Does anyone have an idea why this is still happening?


Hi Dwabii!

Try changing “Can character step on” from collision of CapsuleComponent of both pawns character.
Attached image for reference. hope it helps.

YES, thank you!!! what is this setting? 'cause i don’t understand why it works now…

The setting is for this character can step up on another character if you set it to ECB No then character will not step on another pawn.