Character doesn't appear in editor

I am creating a proiject using the third person camera character template and when I create a new level I can’t see my character anymore in the level editor, just the gamepad for the playerstart. I want to design my levels with the character showing up, but it only show when I hit play.

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You are likely using the “player start” to spawn in the default player character. If you want the player character to be present in the level where you can “see” him without hitting play, delete the “player start” from the level and drag in an instance of the 3rd person character BP into your level editor. Then simply place the character wherever you want him to start. Then you will “see” him always in the editor and when you press “play” you will possess the character.

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Did this and when I hit play I just spawn and see another character, the third person BP. Maybe it’s a bug? I didn’t posses the char in the editor.

Thanks for the reply.

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You need to auto possess your character. You can actually leave the “player start” where it is I just tested this.


If you will be changing character on different levels you may also be interested in checking out the “game mode” settings. This quick video (#19) goes over game modes if you are unfamiliar.

THANKS!!! Saved my time, I really wasn’t understanding what was wrong.

Really thanks.

No problem :slight_smile:

Please help! I am having this exact problem but I am a beginner. I am following along the youtube video Tutorial trying to start learning about blue prints. But I can only use the right click ‘Start from here’ on the player start actor within my level (I think actor is the right word omg I love this software but I am very nooooob). So I think I am not getting my default character within the level so when I edit my ‘BP_ThirdPersonCharacter’ and go play I can see within the simulation nothing is being triggered within the event graph let alone I am not controlling my character, I have the camera view? Please helpppppp I love this software and its amazing to be a part of the 3D community! Thanks in advanced team

@Nebula_Games_Inc Hey, when i place the character and start the play, i see two characters ? Any solution for this ?

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I had a similar problem. I’ve watched a tutorial on blueprints and how to create a level and tried to recreate the whole tutorial by myself. I’ve managed to duplicate the level and the character blueprint. The issue was that when I wanted to change my character from Manny to Quinn, while I was on the duplicated blueprint, my character did not change when I pressed Play. Also, in the Event Graph of the duplicated blueprint I was not able to select an object to debug.
What was my problem?

  • first, when I duplicated the level and the blueprint, I forgot to go into world settings and change the GameMode - Default Pawn Class to the new character blueprint.
    Second, in the duplicate blueprint under viewport, with the character mesh selected, I needed to make sure that Skeletal Mesh and Anim Class (in the details panel) are set correctly.
    This solved my initial issue which was that I was not able to select an object to debug (so that I can see in the Event graph) that the nodes are working).

Hope that helps

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You saved me. I’m kind of new to Unreal and was trying to transfer between levels and was going crazy trying to figure out why my 3rd person character wasn’t working in the second level. I’ve been trying for hours. It was literally as simple as switching the game mode in world settings. Thank you!!!

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