Character - Distance Enemy, spawning projectiles

Hey I uploaded 7th part of Character tutorial. This time we are going to create distance enemy.

  • switching between 2 types of enemies
  • implementing new behaviors for distance enemy
  • spawning projectiles attaching them to socket (adjusting position)
  • activate projectiles then release them at the right time
  • calculate trajectory

This is exactly what I was looking for. Will be back to follow this one later.

Thanks. Please check my whole series about setting Your first character.

I was quite sure it’s a good idea to create series of tutorials about setting character with more content inside.
During series I talk about: controller, character, umg, widgets, communication - interfaces, custom events, inheritance, delegates, timers, flow control, ai controller - moves to actor/location, blendspaces, montages, blending poses, curvers, notifies, effects (particles, sounds), attach to bone/socket and much, much more.

No nieźle nieźle po egzaminach obczaje wszystko :smiley: Powodzenia :smiley: