Character disappears when it moves below a certain height

Greetings all! So I am having an issue with my 3rd person character controller. I have a part of my level that goes underwater and as I am testing it I just have the character walking and not swimming for now. However when he walks down a slope and gets to a certain height, such as -1400 units he disappears and the game freezes. I tried raising the level up vertically to test that it wasn’t a problem with the mesh and it worked fine, there just seems to be a kill height when I go too far into the negative. I am new to UE 4 so I was wondering if there is a min or height for a gameplay volume or something that I can set to change that or if it is just a bug. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks!

Go into the world properties -> change the killz value


At a certain height the player gets killed