Character disappears at or below a set point on the Y axis -- Image importing is not working

Hello all!

For some reason, when I go to demo my game everything works flawlessly but there are a couple parts of the map lower than everything else. When my character reaches these points, falling or not, he will despawn and from my testing, it is always at the same point approximately on the Y axis. Is there something in the world settings or anything which I may adjust to make it so this won’t happen?

The second issue is very basic and I am sure it is a bug, but in 1.4 UE4 I am unable to import an image. I select image, then go through the drop down menu and select the designated asset, nothing happens, no error. When I double click the drop down menu it will open the folders to navigate to it that way, which I did, and the only thing the error said was (file location path here) asset name is not unique. Press “yes” to delete the asset or press “no” to rename the asset and make it unique. That isn’t it exactly, but basically what it says. So I have tried renaming that game asset a few times, and redefining it to UI just in case, but without success. The asset still gives the same error and I don’t understand why.

The last thing is seemingly basic - the top left of my screen every time I test the game says “Lighting needs to be rebuilt: 64” so how would I go about fixing the lighting? Is it a specific light, or what?

Any help on this would be appreciated! Thanks in advance! :smiley:


Hey, whats happening to your character is that the world settings are killing your player when below a set boundary. You can change this in the world settings.

I dont know about importing images, sorry.

For the lightning you gotta click the arrow next to Build, and click Build Lightning Only.