Character Directional Influence Using Blueprints?

Hello does anyone here know how to make a character influenced by the direction they’re thrown to and according to how powerful the collision is? Think of the way Super Smash Bros is setup. Basically I want my character to be able to be knocked off the stage at a speed depending on the strength of an attack which throws them in one of the 8 directions and the speed along one of them based on the part of their body that is hit, how damaged they already are, and what attack in particular is used. To wrap things up I simply need some advice on where to start in Blueprints like should I make a stats system. Is there something on the Marketplace that could help me with this? Again I want to know how or where I can learn some of this through Blueprints.

One way would be to make different hit react animations for your character. Then when your enemy hits the player, it casts to player character bp and tells what attack was used. Then player can play the animations depending on what attack hit him.
Second way would be to use physics simulation. So when player character is hit, the skel mesh would play rag dol and then you would apply force to the bone that got hit.
Personally I would just go with animations because I am still not that good with forces and physics. :slight_smile:
Youtube is full off amazing tutorials for blueprints, so thats where I would start. And ofc unreal engine 4 wiki.

Have a nice day.