Character dies during falling


I created fresh project in 4.7.3 from TPP template. Moved floor way down, so character can fall down. Just to recreate similar environment as in my game.

I dont understand why character dies after few secs of falling. How can I debug such case ? I tried looking at log and messages, not sure how to approach this. Any clue appreciated.

thank you!

What is the KillZ set to in the World Properties. It could be that your character is falling past that point, which will kill him instantly. If you either move the KillZ down or your level up it should fix the problem.

yay, thats it! thank you so much.

I cant find any settings for KillZ. I put KillZ in but i still die after a long fall. Jumping far down.

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I found it! First you have to go to “Window” tab at the top of the editor and then activate the world settings window. Then you have the world settings tab in the right panel.