Character Design

I’m going to be making my own game for people to enjoy since no one knows how to make a balanced game anymore and I’m naturally talented so I know coding mapping and drawing on the other hand I for some reason lack the inability to make my own characters I can draw stuff I see but not any original pieces, so I’d like to ask everyone on the forums for any tips on original character designs.

Well if you are only looking for inspiring character concepts; I’d think about writing a back story for a potential character. It doesn’t need to be a novel, or even a short story. Just an idea of who they are, where they came from, what there name is and where they are going.

This will help you establish some basics like:

• Their personality, which trickles down and inspires every other factor
• The clothing and gear they wear (If any)
• Poses and Posture ie. are they proud and arrogant, or sickly and thin
• Understanding their personality will effect how you eventually animate them and how they interact with the world around them
• Understanding the basic world they exist in, which will effect your overall design

To invent the future, you need to understand the past. Consider movies and games of the past, and what they have done. Draw inspiration and create something new. Maybe consider making a pinterest board to organize your ideas for inspiration. Oh and don’t forget good anatomy reference to help you get started. You will need it for convincing designs.

Good Luck!

BTW what is code mapping…?

Maybe it’s: “coding, mapping” Still, either UV mapping or perhaps creating maps.

An opening statement pointing out that no one, apart from the OP, knows a thing about balancing is a jolly good start of a thread. :slight_smile: A strange reason to get into game-dev, for sure. [HR][/HR]
To add to what **junfanbl **listed:

  • give the character a dream or a goal in life (short and long term), this may inspire you when you start applying finishing touches
  • accessorise, to built on what was mentioned above the gear, consider equipping a character with a gimmick item or their own memorabilia, does not need to be functional
  • don’t be afraid to experiment with exaggerating certain features: elongated heads, bushy mono-brows for everyone, a wobbly gait
  • keep it simple at first, fine tune later
  • do an initial design round, present it to more than one audience (family / friends / colleagues / forum), gather feedback (especially the negative bits!) and do note the reoccurring comments

I appreciate the help the advice is good how ever I’ve done most of this and I still can’t get what I want. I’ve played so many games and watched soooo much anime that all I really get is something that looks nearly completely like a game or anime character. It’s very disheartening. Also sorry I wrote this when I was tired and didn’t use correct punctuation and grammar. Yes coding, and mapping. I actually started doing stuff like this when I was 12 on a site called but I wanted to take things to the next level thankfully I’m just now working on the concepts and art work and story but I currently can’t even run the engine for some memory issue which I never had till I got a new hard drive after I accidentally sat a magnet on my laptop and fried the old one and I have 150gb of free space so I’m confused if y’all could help me with that as well it’d be nice it’s gonna be a couple weeks before I can order the rest of the parts for my new computer.