Character Design and Animation! NEED HELP ON CHARACTER! I'M STUCK!

Hi, I’m an indie game developer, and currently I’m working on a story game similar to “The Stanley Parable”, I’m a one-man army who’s trying to make a kickstart to my future in game development and I kind of need some way to make good looking character models and be able to animate them along with their facial expressions to make cutscenes, what do you recommend me use? (to be honest, I have no budget.)

Blender is a free 3D asset building software. it can be used to create characters and animations…

do you maybe have a more efficient way with a built-in character designer which is actually good and provides facial blend meshes or bones?(I have used blender, and autodesk maya and mixamo fuse which seems to not work with me)

I think what you are asking for doesnt exist. Well designed characters dont come out of some autmatic freeware human creator thingy like fuse, daz studio or something like that.

The closest youll get tho is probably daz. It provides facial morphs, and has a quite extensive library of shapes. The downside is your characters will look “daz” unless you spend some extra time sculpting them yourself and give them proper characteristics.