Character deformed in UE (FBX was exported from Blender)


The model was rigged in Blender. After I imported the fbx file into UE and use the animation BP the character looks like this:

And when I open the fbx file in blender again it looks like this:

How can I fix this? Please help!!!

Greetings @CleoLan !

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I’m sorry to see that you are having issues with your character. I’m reminded of a post I read where a fellow member had the same problem. Feel free to check out this link and see if any of the suggestions can assist you with what is happening to your character, and please let us know if this helps! Happy Creating! :smiley:

Hi there,
in my experience it is a problem with the bone orientation in the FBX file’s skeleton. Depending on which source it comes from. Mixamo and Unity3D models in general do not work with the UE skeleton. There are converters in the Marketplace for this. There are also plugins for Blender. I can recommend the “Auto-Rig Pro” plugin in Blender and to create the rigging with it. You can then export the model with a UE skeleton compatible skeleton. During the import, the respective mannequin that is available in the project can then be used. The rotations are probably due to the fact that the imported model does not have a UE skeleton compatible skeleton. In my courses I made videos about it, but only in German.


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There are also the blender to unreal tools from epic you could take a look at.
Still an early version and have not tested it with ue5 yet.
But might give you a more reliable export option in the future.

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