Character Data + Save system template

Learn how to make XP tables and vary the amount of skill points earnt per level. Discover an alternative way to store player data and transfer it between levels and save it to a file.

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Submitted to marketplace and going to sell on Selfly.

[Download to experience the system- link at the bottom]

My own personal approach to storing player data

  • Examples on how to make pickups
  • Save and load system- with auto-save
  • Transfer data between levels and load save games
  • Skill points and varying gain rates dependent on level
  • Health and health regen
  • XP tables use exponential growth
  • Neatly designed for easy modifying and expansion
  • Well commented for easy learning
  • Auto-saves when you exit via ESC key
  • Auto-loads on BeginPlay (therefore on project load and map change)


Debug controls:

Num0- print Money XP and Level
Num1- Add 100 XP and 50 Money
Num2- Manual Save
Num3- Manual Load
Num5- Add enough XP to go from level 0 to 16
Num9- Reset Player Data
Escape- Save and Quit
R- Restart level (does not affect save file, merely resets the pickups)
ALT+F4- close project

**Transfer player data between levels

Easy testing

XP Tables made easy

Tight design**

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BUY it for yourself](

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Hey Sulli - Looks like a good system going to give it a try. Price seem right too!

Got some money left over from this paycheck so expect it to come your way.


Love the idea of educational assets.

Thanks people. I’ve been busy with my exams the last 3 weeks and couldn’t find the time to actually reply to Epic and fulfill their request of a video and detailed images etc.

I’ll get on it this weekend!

Please contact me! I want to give you my money but sellfy won’t allow!