Character Damage Test


Im working on player damages. I have a hp/mana/stamina variable (RepNotify) and functions like DamageTest/ManaTest/StaminaTest (they just do HP-1, MP-3, etc, to test damage).

If I open a server + client, when I receive damage (pressing G) I it gets updated on the server and on the client. However, if I press G on the client,it doesnt updates the server (which will not update all other clients aswell)

Is it correct if I do:

Even though it “seems to work” Im unsure if it really works, because:

  • if I do that on the server, on the server window it says “Server: damage received”
  • however, if I do it on client, it also says “Server: damage received” instead of “Client 1: damage received”

Regards & thanks for replying!