Character Customization

Hi there,
So I know this has probably already been asked but has anybody out there made a system that allows you to customise your character IN-GAME.
And where can we get the blueprint. And by in-game I mean like skyrim or fallout 3 where an event is triggered where we have to customise your character!
BTW It would really help if it was made for/compatible with FPS.

Being able to customize your character is built-into the engine already. You simply need to build your different body parts and clothing items all to the same skeleton, and with well-defined “seam” boundaries where they match up so you don’t get gaps.

The hard part in “customizable characters” is building all the different assets, correctly; not in the piecing together multiple pick-and-place pieces into a single character. You can even just run multiple skinnedmesh instances on your actor, all driven by the same animations/pose/skeleton; that’s easy.