Character customization system (similar to Bless and Black Desert online games)

Hi all!

This is very early stage of my project:

Key features:

  • pretty complex skeleton with low poly model (extra bones are needed to provide more realistic mesh deformations)
  • animations are taked from Mixamo via maya script(it is written in PyMel - so since maya 2009 you can use it)
  • breasts, buttocks and belly animations are planned with physics
  • all system uses bones scaling/translation - once you create cloth for character and that all
  • morphs(blendshapes) will be used only for facial animations(I look in FacePlus direction for that stuff)
  • pretty much parameters to edit (for head, for example they are: hairs, brows, lashes, lips, makeup, tatoo)
  • pretty simple workflow to integrity: make empty map, add lights(I use three lights in my case), place only one blueprint anywhere in the scene - that’s all… … hit ‘Play’ button of course :slight_smile:

If potential customers wants to have Unreal’s mannequin support - please let me know.

Alexandr Rusinov

Hi newfych

I love Character Customization, in fact any type of entity customization (weapons, vehicles, architecture, furniture props, etc). I’m all for these types of In-game Editing Systems. My concern is with the Base Character, will it be supplied with Skins, Clothing, Armor, Accessory Attachments? Without such ready-to-use Skins & Attachments, the Base Character alone requires a significant amount of additional work to be useful. Another concern is will the Character Customization have network support? Great I can customize my character, but how do the other players see my character’s coolness? I could use such an editor to create Character prefabs in both Single & Multiplayer Games, but, IMO the real appeal for purchasing such Character Customization is use in RPGs and multiplayer games.

I’d say anything like this on the marketplace is going to sell like crazy as long as it’s easy to integrate with other packs :slight_smile: Nice work.

As for clothing for character - that stuff pretty hardly depends of game design(futristic, medieval, fantasy or any other kind you can imagine yourself). That is the same for accessories. Every game needs to be individual, I think, but if you use human character with customization - that stuff can be used in several different games (human body is always human body :)). While all body settings use only bones transformations - you need to model cloth only once time, and it will works for all thinkable kinds of characters you can make with customization. Without modeling skills it is impossible to make game which uses such kinds of characters, IMO.
As for question about online - yes, of course other gamers can see character as it is. But it necessary to write server side logic. It is not a big deal comparatively to customization system.Game sparks - this is my old video about Unreal and Game sparks integration - since time about 9.00 you can see server side code - that stuff is pretty laconic relatively to volume of blueprints. Every one of coders can write server, but it depends of your server platform and hosting (I mean you can use PHP, C#, Python for that (I prefer JS for myself :)).

P.S. I’m going to make more advanced customization possibilities relatively to games reminded above. :cool:

Interesting, since january this year I am working on the same thing :slight_smile:

But I am not trying to do it like in Black Desert because I want to make it compatible to Unreal’s networking and compatible with animations for the mannequin selling on Marketplace (because I am not a good animator).
The problem I see on Black Desert’s system is that it is all “local”, not stored on servers, and the rigs are different for each character class which is weird for a MMO; so instead I focus on making something along the more classical systems that came before.

Thanks apoisonedgift!
As for integration - I keep such thing in mind - that will be as easy as possible - as you can see in video initial scene contains only four nodes, three of them are lights. So one blueprint provide all functionality for this stuff. Also I’m not using level bluprint at all, so I think it is very user friendly workaround to add this system to project.

Hello BrUnO XaVIeR. It is not a big deal to store such amount of data on server (of course if you not change parameters every second :)). Since I use pretty complex skeleton - it is in my interests to share animations to all kinds of characters with using only one rig.

@newfych That is my point. Providing such content satisfies that demand. The content providers who overlook this fact are missing out on profit. If I buy such a Character System, its need to be supplied with accessories for the Character, and I’m willing to pay for them.

This is exactly what I’m doing with EyeManga3D and I’m encouraging the Community to create and sell supplemental packs for it as well via Asset Modding. Share the creativity and the wealth. Supporting supplemental Packs will offer my customers more customization options, more value. I know this to be fact, because this is what I want as a Customer. I would like to see more content providers do this.

Your Editor is looking good and I agree with @apoisonedgift, Character Customizers are in demand on the Unreal Marketplace (ie: Customer Character Designer). But, I also need to Cloth my Customized Character… Please *Accessorize *the Character.

I’m opened to collaboration for Eye Customization in your Editor System if interested.

Hi TechLord!
I absolutely agree with your opinion. But you must understand my point of view. Every game must have individuality, I think. So if make clothing pack - and two customers buy it (for example) - both will have identical characters. It is simplier to me to show some speed cloth modeling processes to customers for their needs. Also - somebody use bones drived clothing, other APEX for example. In case of RPG - while you didn’t choose class to your character - you can’t imagine how it looks like. I make this stuff for extremally fast prototyping of game, and nothing more. I don’t want make money on selling 'Sexual clued lashes with bluecolored rhinestones" for example… As for collaboration - please pm me (key features are in my scope of interest). And for last - my model (body part) - uses only 4144 tris (I absolutely sure it is best result - less polys → more control and modeling is just simplier and faster) and it uses only bone driven transforms, and my system is relly WYSIWYG.

This is pretty sipmle example of cloth parts creation. I think even kids can repruduce same result at the same time. Say, character have about 20 clothing items - time to model(for prototyping puposes of course) - about five minutes, so you need to spend 100 minutes to make all clothing for character. And developers/gamers soul will be in heaven when they see it. Video is captured in real time without any hurry as you can see.


Hi @newfych

You must understand my point of view. I am the Customer. I don’t have time to model. Its one reason why I purchase Asset Packs. What I propose here is to offer many different styles of Packs so, Developers can customize their characters and provide Character Customization to their Players. This concept of Mass Customization is all about supporting individuality (uniqueness). You dont have to do all the work, one could outsource or collaborate with other Artist to produce the packs. In return, you generate additional profits from the packs and increase the over value in purchasing your core system. In addition to offering Packs, showing some (FREE) speed cloth modeling processes to customers for their needs would be the mark of a Superb and Savvy Content Provider. If Customers want ‘Sexual clued lashes with bluecolored rhinestones’ a Savvy Content Provider would provide at two Versions and offer a rainbow-colored pack of rhinestones.

So, I must think on this… Where there’s demand, there’s supply of course. But it is necessary to know what kinds of things customers want to see. Pretty simple example - in my previous marketplace stuff people ask me why I don’t include hairs with character - the answer is: I don’ know what type of hairs you need…


I do my work to provide as much quality, as I can:

Bless and mine stuff (body/head seam) showing.

Many times customers, don’t know what they want until you ask the right questions. Its called consultative selling and its the most effective way to sell anything. So instead of telling them: *I don’ know what type of hairs you need… *ask them: what type of hairs you need?

Hi there!
Ok, I must ask potential customers what they want to see in complete package (I mean hairs/clothes/accessories).
And another question: is there people, who can collaborate with me to to supply such things.


a few hairstyles and eyebrow sets. But it doesnt make sense to add clothes or armor, those are genre specific so theres no way to please everyone.

Is this really going to have as much customization as black desert online? I just watched a video of the character creation in that game and it looks amazing.

I’m going to make even more controls, then BDO has itself.

A few questions
Can you rig this to epic skeleton?
Will you be able to change the look of the face like you can with the rest of the body?
Will there be a male version?
Will there be controller support?
And do you have an estimated time for when this will be done?

  1. Yes, I can
  2. Of course, face customization is very imortant feature of my system (soon I’ll show some key features in next video)
  3. It depends on customers demand
  4. Which controller?
  5. Two weeks, I think - basic stuff without hairs, male version, etc. It is highly depends on what customers will want to see in completed package.

Questions for potential customers - are you want to have FacePlus support out of the box (it is more time expensive and cost will higher), or like addon to such system?

I dont think it needs FacePlus out of the box. Most people wont use FacePlus so they wouldnt want to pay for it. Any video updates for us?

As soon, as possible… Pretty complex stuff for one developer, but I think I can complete it.

Up )


We’re interested in a full featured, game ready Character Customization system, but it must be compatible with the UE4 skeleton as we make extensive use of animations purchased from the Marketplace.

I think you will find that a failure to fully support the UE4 skeleton will detract significantly from your sales.