Character Customization System for Unreal Engine 4

Till now you’re doing a good work,
this is awesome. I think when you’ll complete this project you should use the
experience gained in making a character editor :smiley:

looking pretty nice

I wonder though what you’ll do with the clothes in regard to body shapes. since you’re doing them via morph targets it would pretty much force you to make the same morph targets for every single cloth piece you add. or do you have a workaround?

No that is the only way apparently. I will try with two or three clothes this week

Awesome work!..

Thank you all for the valuable feedbacks. Will implement few clothing morphs by this week , so that clothes can be adjusted according to the shape of the body. One issue I am facing though , the set morph target functionality doesn’t get implemeted in construction script, it only shows up when I hit play. Is there any workaround for this?

Hello sameek4,

Just following up with you on your progress. Did you get a answer to your question with the new 4.6 update?

I haven’t updated to 4.6 yet. Was busy in another project. Once it is finished, I will continue working on this and post an update, maybe by the end of next week.

This is exactly what I’ve been looking for. I need a female rig I can have this much control over in order to match real peoples’ shapes as closely as possible and then show them fatter and thinner. It’s for a piece of psychology research I’m assisting with at the university where my wife works.

Absolutely awesome work, I would love to have this as well! Keep it up!

Amazing. Some questions i have.
It´s it possible to “connect blends/morph” to joint rotations? Ex: ForeArm joint 90º calls for a biceps target blend…

( sorry, my enlgish is poor )

Yes. You can set a structured variable in the character blueprint which contains the data of all the morph targets at any given time, and in the anim blueprint , you can call the character blueprint , get that variable , get the desired morph value and set the bone rotation accordingly. This is currently beyond my expertise so I haven’t tried implementing this feature yet.

Ok. I am modeling high quality characters and i´m very interested in what you are doing. I will follow your advances.

Any updates? Or it’s probably stopped?

Its been 2 days since OPs reply why would you asume that?

I will be back soon. Just figured out that it is not possible for me to realign the bones with the body proportion change, so I am creating seperate meshes , like male , female , child, toddler , old man , elf , heavy , thin, etc , each will have its own set of morph targets, and torso , arms , legs , neck , and morph targets for any body part that involves deforming the skeleton will not be available currently. But most games don’t require it right ? Like dragon age inquisition.

And also this is not useful unless you have the character customization menu system to change the morph in runtime , right ? So , about two weeks work, might be a month as well :smiley:

Hi there sameek4 first off awesome job on your character customization system by the way! Also sameek4 is that a DAZ Genesis character you’re using as the base mesh? I use DAZ Genesis in Unreal Engine 4 and the overall appearance of the model looks just like a Genesis figure which I think would help a lot since DAZ naturally has high quality characters that are very customizable and have pretty good facial morphs for dialogue and body morphing for like what you’re doing. Anyway regardless if it’s a Genesis model or not you’ve got some talent by making something this top notch and useful. Thanks a lot and cheers bro!

You are right , this is a Genesis mesh.

I have a question about clothing the models. Is there a way to make a system that automatically generates the morphs for clothing? Such that after an initial piece is made they can be copied to any clothing piece made to fit the same zeroed out base model.

Right now , I am not sure , but since the cloth is rigged to the skeleton , all you need to do this.
1> Have the same animblueprint for the clothing mesh that you are having for the character mesh.
2>In the character blueprint , change a body morphs or multiple morphs in runtime ,save the change to a variable.
3>Get the variable data in your animblueprint event graph , then set a variable that will determine , translation , rotation or scaling of the bone , that will fit with the morphed character. Now , since modifying bone transform might modify your character shape further , you need to be very careful at this step.
4>Since the cloth is attached to the bone , it will change its shape based on the bone transform

But I doubt you will get accurate result with this , it is always better to create clothing morphs that fit the body in maya itself. Unless you write additional plugins to do this , you may get undesirable result.

One thing you might want to look at, which they do in APB (unreal engine based too), is building a unique texture per character. The reason why I say this, is that you can add essentially projection based details onto a character (like sticking a decal on them) to get a lot more personalisation then just a stock bunch of morphs. They do the morph thing of course, but then add the ability to project a few textures on and I personally find it very useful to be able to build a unique texture for characters.

Of course for an online game it ups the texture count quite a lot.