Character Customization Help!

Goal: To set variables of what the character is wearing offline, and have the player still be character customized in an online server.

My Procedure for doing this: So i built a character customization menu, they player picks the clothes. Then whatever the clothes are the variables for the clothes are set, and then saved using a save game.
Then whenever a player join a game, on event begin player, it will run an event on the server, and multicast to equip the clothes based on the variable.

All the variables used are set to replicated…
yet for some reason it doesn’t work.

Does anyone, and i mean anyone have pointers how to make this work. I’ve been trying for quite a while now and been getting a little desperate to get this thing working in multiplayer.

Here are some images below to help get the picture

Picture 1: is my saving procedure done offline

Picture 2: The loading procedure done online.
Also the result with the current method of loading, is that every player, (player 1, player 2,player 3,player 4) all have the same clothes that the client customized there clothes to have.
So if i customized to have a suit, and a tie, suddenly everyone on the server has a suit and a tie, instead of them having what they orignally customized there players to have.

Help please and many thanks!

I would like to help but I’m also stuck there.
1 thing I can say for sure is that you never tells there server what to do (only the client and he doesn’t know what the other have picked) so you need a switch authority node to tell the server that he is the one to handle it and not the client, then you need to figure out how to tell all the client’s what the server changed.
Hope that at least helped a little (I’m pretty sure that if you run a listen server the hoster will be able to see it all the changes).

Thank you for the help DKMirai, i’m just glad someone took the time to respond. I’; try what you are saying, let you know if i find some change to what happens. :slight_smile: