Character Custimaztion For Modular RPG Model

So in processing the direction for my game, I was wondering what would be the best way to approach character customization (players editing the facial features of their own character) when I am planning to use a modular character where each body section will be a skeletal mesh that animates together using the same skeleton, for armor/clothing changes. Character will also change based on how they are played, such as being more muscular and larger or skinny and small. I know morph targets are usually best for facial customization but my concern is whether having different skeletal meshes, some with added verts for additional armor detail, would allow for morph target use?

Other little issues I’d run into are keeping skin colors the same on each body part where skin shows beneath armor.

Any advice would be great.

I’m not sure to understand the question but for a morph target to works, you need to have the exact same number of vertices and they also need to have consistent ID.

This is easy. You can use a material parameters collection to share any parameter through numerous material.

Yeah I understand that they need to be the same, so I guess my question was moreso how do I keep the verts the same when there’s going to be so much other detail added sometimes for different armor/layers of clothing and such.

I don’t understand why you want to morph through your different set of armour…

let’s get an example :
You can swap from iron armor to bones armor just by switching the SK component in your character.
Then, the iron armor and the bones one can be completely different.

Now, your chara can be slim or fat and this parameter is set by morph target, ok.
You make an iron armour in slim size, build a morph target on the iron armour for the fat size.
While the player set the character, he will set a variable “weightOfChara” witch is a float and you use this float to determine the amount of the “fat morph target” on the body of the chara and the iron armour.
If you swap the armour type, you change the SK in the charaBP and apply the “weightOfChara” to the new armour type.

That’s why you can have an iron armour model totally different from the bone armour.
You just have to set a morph target on the iron armour and another totally different morph target on the bone armour.
The slim iron armour and the fat iron armour must have the same number of vertex.
The slim bone armour and the fat bone armour must have the same number of vertex.
But the slim bone armour and the slim iron armour can be totally different :slight_smile:

I hope I understand your problem well and that my answer helps you.
If I’m not, explain it with such an example ^^.

You can add as many skeletal mesh component as you want in a characterBP :
and then, change the skeletal mesh in it :