Character crouch

fighter helped me earlier with the crouch animation but there’s something that i can’t do
this is from the chracter blueprint
it’s totaly fine and work
when i keep pressing the crouch button the character crouch
when i don’t press he go back to the idle animation
Is there a way to make him like this: when i press the button he crouch, when i press it again he back to the idle stand (i don’t have to keep pressing the crouch button all the time so he keep playing the crouch animation)
thank you.

Add a flip/flop node (I think it’s called like that ^^) and connect the pressed with with. After that connect A with the first “set” (crouch) and B with the 2nd “set” (un crouch). Now when you press it the first time, he will crouch. When you press it a 2nd time it will un crouch. :slight_smile:

Thank you very much, that works
and this is a screenshot if anyone needs it