[CHARACTER] Creture pack 3

Hi guys :smiley:

Weโ€™ve submitted Creature Pack 3 to Market Place, hope it would be accepted and liked :smiley:

We hope you all had a great Christmas! We would also like to take a moment to thank everyone for the fantastic support you have given 3dFoin during 2015. :smiley:

To celebrate the New Year 2016 we are giving away a huge discount when purchasing our models:

Save 55% off everything now through the New Year Sale !!!

Also check our recent dragon out!

The Fire Bringer is now free again for a limited time :smiley:

The Holidays season is over so you wonโ€™t see deals like this for quite sometime, so take the chance, yay! ^^

How long will this sale last? Love your models and fair price rates.

Hey 3dFoin! I just want to inform you that nudity is against the rules of the forums. Furthermore according to another marketplace character modeler, nudity is even prohibited in submissions.

Cool chars ! What will be the price please ?

Note: put a piece of alga on her boobs studs and it will do the thing :wink: